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Is Qsymia a New Weight-Loss Wonder or a Passing Fad?

QysmiaThe FDA approved the latest prescription weightloss drug, Qsymia. It’s been 13 whole years since the last pound-shedding drug Orlistat came out. Qsymia’s acceptance makes it the next weight loss drug to reach the market in only several months (Belviq was approved last month). In clinical trials, Qsymia (previously called Qnexa), from Vivus pharmaceuticals, helped overweight persons lose about ten percent of their body weight.

Why People Love Supplements

Drug supplements like this are critical to stemming obesity, an issue that has hit critical condition these days. We must do something if we’re going to have health costs in check, and there have already been many successful supplements, though most have been more natural (Read: The Weight Loss Power of the Garcina Cambogia Fruit). If this drug helps reverse the tendency even just a tiny bit, or at least increases awareness of the issue, then it could be hugely useful.

While individuals on Qsymia discard two times as much fat as people who took Belviq, the prognosis for the most recent newcomer isn’t all rosy. The once-a-day, time-release capsule unites topiramate, an anti-convulsion drug know to cause birth defects, and phentermine, the half fenphen that’s still legal. If that is sounding just a tad too-familiar, well, it’s not just you.

Previous Problems With the Drug

In Vivus’s first effort to get Qsymia past previous regulators in 2010, the Food And Drug Administration issued a letter expressing worries over the security of both main ingredients. Phentermine has been in the industry since 1959, but gained notoriety in the ’90s when fenphen became all the rage – and all the scourge. After common off-label use – like your aunt/best friend/manager using it to shed a dress size, compared to its official goal to take care of clinical obesity – it came to light that fenfluramine could cause deadly heart-valve problems.

The Food And Drug Administration pulled the awful fen off the market within the autumn of 1997. Now Qsymia will be dispensed only through pharmacies to try and head off abuse. Nevertheless, that’s not saying the “great” phen doesn’t raise worries of its own.

Medical Concerns

Medications and surgical operations are now cornerstones of obesity therapy. The latest kid in the block is Qsymia, and like its pharmacological forerunners, it has negative effects. The majority of the other obesity medicines in the marketplace were pulled for security issues. Presently, the only other FDA-approved medications available on the market are Xenical and Belviq. All these are serious medicines with serious unwanted side effects. They’re only for people that have significant obesity and that have medical problems consequently.

More Testing to Come

Throughout Qsymia’s medical screening, some patients experienced a heightened pulse rate, which may result in other cardiovascular issues, for example increased likelihood of heart attack or stroke (Though there’s no validated direct cause-and-effect.) To be able to obtain FDA approval, Vivus agreed to run additional testing to demonstrate that Qsymia doesn’t hold dangerous cardiovascular unwanted side effects. Actually, the business is aiming to demonstrate that Qsymia really enhances cardiovascular health, including lowering blood pressure and decreasing heart-attack and stroke risk.

However, these assessments won’t begin until after the drug hits pharmacy shelves, which sounds extremely irresponsible and kind of dangerous.

Harmful Effects for Pregnant WomenThe Food And Drug Administration’s first review also demanded Vivus to draft an assessment and “mitigation method” to deal with dangers of topiramate. Advertised as Topamax to treat epilepsy and also to avoid migraines, the drug is proven to raise the likelihood of kids born with cleft lips or palates if women go through the first trimester of pregnancy. Qsymia will have a pregnancy warning label.

Most physicians claim it is too early to tell if ladies ought to be cautious of the drug and stresses rather its positive potential. They say this might be a strong support to help lots of folks obtain a jump-start or work through a plateau on the path to beating obesity.

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