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Ways Men Can Get Into a Regular Routine and Beat Belly Fat

Difference Between Men and WomenMen and women are distinct both metabolically and in regards to the way that they build muscles. Guys normally have more muscle, while girls generally have higher fat stores. Because muscle is more metabolically active than fat, guys often burn more calories each day as well as during exercise than girls.

The Problem Lies With Belly Fat

But aside from the fitness advantage, men certainly have their problems. Guys, particularly as they age, often keep their fat across the waist, causing the spare-tire impact. To focus on this difficult region, guys should have a three-pronged strategy combining cardiovascular exercise, strength-training, and healthy eating.

You can’t execute only one of these and anticipate long-term success. For instance, regardless how many exercises you do, if you don’t burn additional calories each day and eat healthy, you won’t significantly decrease the fat in your stomach area.

This belly-fat problem gets harder as men grow old. As men age, they are likely to lose precious muscle tissue while opting to become increasingly sedentary. This is really a poor mix, and it causes a reduction of functional ability, decreased metabolic rate, increases in fat-storage, and compromised heart-health (Read: How to Keep Weight Off As You Get Older).

Beating the Belly Bulge

To focus on preventing this stubborn fat, we recommend that males create a regular exercise routine as they age past 40. This includes a broader variety of aerobic activities (hiking, biking, jogging, etc) which will be fun enough for you to truly enjoy them. In addition, include some resistance activities, like intensive training, basic weight training, etc., which offer the stimulation to keep muscle mass. It’s more about consistency than about any specific training program.

Below are a few additional suggestions to help men beat the stomach bulge.

Observe What You Eat

Avoid processed foods, ramp-up the fruit and veggie consumption, and eat out less. Get into the habit of stopping whenever you begin to feel full at meals (Read: The Best Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Beer Belly).

Have a Routine

Attempt to set apart at least half an hour each day for at least six times per week. Make exercise a normal part of your regular life.

Join a Gym

But if you’re not certain you will go often, don’t go for that super-elaborate, costly gym. Instead, join a gym that’s fairly priced and devote to going at least a few times per week.

Get Outdoors

Whether you love running, bicycling, swimming, or playing football, find a method to weave this action in to your weekly program. Not inspired? Perhaps you need a new toy – like a basketball hoop or a new bike that glows in the dark.

Find Ways to Involve the Whole Family

Women and men frequently forfeit their fitness routines to spend some time with family, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a hike or get a family basketball or tennis match going. If the children are too young, pop them all in a baby carrier (carrying the additional weight can do a body good) or utilize a jogging stroller. You can also stroll to the park rather than drive in a car.

Little Things Accumulate

Think about the small daily things that you are able to do in order to burn calories. As examples you can take the stairs over the elevator, utilize a standing desk (not sitting all day is advantageous in innumerable ways), and walk rather than driving or using public transportation.

Workout at Home

Home Workout ProgramsStock up on several at-home alternatives for the occasional bad weather day or for whenever you’re time challenged. One of the most popular programs is Supreme 90Day, which features the fitness expert Tom Holland. This 10-DVD set is a demanding and never remotely boring workout which utilizes muscle confusion (works various regions of your body in swift sequence) for fast, long-lasting results. Another great pick is Tony Horton’s P90X. These two options also feature a meal program and fitness tracker (Read: 8 Ways to Burn Belly Fat from the Comfort of Your Home).

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