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The Best Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Beer Belly

Fight Against Beer BellySo, how do you know whether your spare tire is over-inflated? Make use of a measuring tape. The same can be said of your stomach. Bearing in mind that every man is different, an overall guideline some physicians use for guys is a maximum waist measurement of 40-inches. Something over that and your likelihood of developing horrible health problems will escalate.

To learn how you compare to the standard, wrap a tape measure across your waist above the hipbone. Make certain the tape is level all the way all around your midsection, hold it tight, breathe out, and find out what the damage is.

So you have had a few too many pints and chicken wings through the years, which has resulted in unwanted belly bulge. How will you reverse the harm you’ve wreaked in your waist and dispose of such a beer belly once and for all?

Begin the Battle Against Belly Bulge

To begin with, it isn’t likely to be simple. Visceral fat is persistent and it’ll require some effort to make sure it is go away. Your best choice is to employ a multi-faceted approach: eat fewer calories (including those brews) and begin moving the body more often. Fat burning, or aerobic, workouts will probably become your greatest ally in the war against the beer belly. Run, walk, swim, bicycle, play team sports – you can do almost anything as very long while you’re building up a sweat. Try and exercise five times weekly for at least 30-minutes each session (Read: The Best Cardio Exercises to Burn Belly Fat).

Eat Healthy, Stay Active

It is always a great plan to augment fat-burning workouts with resistance training, but begin slowly and give your muscles a day or two of rest between weight-training. In addition, regardless of what those late-night infomercials tell you, there’s really no method to target-reduce a beer belly into submission. No amount of sit-ups will give you washboard abs in case your belly is buried beneath a layer of fat – muscle will probably be becoming stronger, however they’ll be undetectable simply because they’re covered with flab.

Stay Fit and HealthyBeer belly, pot belly, muffin top, love handles – you may use whichever cutesy nickname you prefer to explain that paunch around your center, but nonetheless, it all comes to exactly the same disagreeable fact known as belly fat. And if you’re not careful, this fat could become more than just unseemly – it could become hazardous to your health (Read: Reasons Why Men Should Be Concerned About Their Belly Fat).

If you’re among the blessed guys who’ve danced through life paunch-free to date, don’t believe you’re safe from forming a beer belly. The ideal method to avoid flab from creating a dwelling in your waist would be to live like you’re attempting to dispose of it. Eat healthy foods, remain active, and if you indulge in booze, do so in moderation. This will go a very long way toward ensuring the dreaded beer belly remains far from likely.

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