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6 Extreme Ways to Lose Weight Quick

Extreme Ways to Lose Weight Quick

In most cases, losing weight requires dedication, a strong will, and a lot of time. While most people who really want to shed some pounds have the required dedication, in today’s world we simply don’t have the time and patience to lose weight in the most traditional way. The traditional way of losing weight is through dieting and doing exercise. ... Read More »

Ways Men Can Get Into a Regular Routine and Beat Belly Fat

How Men Can Beat Belly Fat

Men and women are distinct both metabolically and in regards to the way that they build muscles. Guys normally have more muscle, while girls generally have higher fat stores. Because muscle is more metabolically active than fat, guys often burn more calories each day as well as during exercise than girls. The Problem Lies With Belly Fat But aside from ... Read More »

The Top 9 Things You Should Know About Belly Fat

Top Things to Know About Belly Fat

Belly Fat is Worse Than Other Kinds of Fat It is true: belly fat may be the worst sort of fat – and not merely due to the way it seems in pics from the beach. Deep belly fat (the sort that creates a traditional beer belly) really churns out negative proteins and hormones that make a myriad of awful ... Read More »

The Best Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Beer Belly

eer Belly

So, how do you know whether your spare tire is over-inflated? Make use of a measuring tape. The same can be said of your stomach. Bearing in mind that every man is different, an overall guideline some physicians use for guys is a maximum waist measurement of 40-inches. Something over that and your likelihood of developing horrible health problems will ... Read More »

How to Keep Weight Off As You Get Older

How to Keep Weight Off

Usually, as girls get older, they begin worrying about how broad their butt seems. Guys, on the flip side, begin worrying about their rapidly growing belly. The stomach region is definitely an issue for aging men because of numerous reasons: a more sedentary lifestyle, a slower metabolic rate, and also just the normal aging process. However, these are just some ... Read More »

Reasons Why Men Should be Concerned with Their Belly Fat

Dangers of Body Fat in Men

Belly fat does not look pretty, but that is only one issue with it. Guys who’ve excessive belly-fat are at higher-risk for health issues. However, not all tummy fat is made equal. There is subcutaneous fat, the jiggly sort you’ll be able to pinch and squeeze between your fingers. Then there is visceral fat. Visceral fat lies deeper inside your ... Read More »