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8 Easy Exercises for Burning Fat in the Pool

Pool ExercisesGoing to the pool is a great way to cool off during the summer, but you can get much more than just having fun from this activity. Pools are great for having a refreshing dip and swimming, but you should know that you can actually move your entire workout in the pool. Water is great for working out because it offers resistance, which is exactly what you are looking for if you are trying to tone your muscles. Water also makes exercising easier on your joints because it supports some of your weight. No wonder doctors recommend exercising in water to people who have suffered joint injuries.

If you are new to exercising, doing your workouts in the pool is a great way of boosting your confidence and allowing you to learn the basic movements for most exercises. By supporting some of your weight, water allows you to do these exercises more safely, while still burning enough calories to see satisfying results. Doing fat burning exercises in the pool is also much more fun than doing them inside or at the gym (For more gym alternatives read: 7 Tummy Toning Exercises You Can Do in Bed).

But before you start doing exercises in the pool, you should take some precautions. Most exercises that can be performed in a pool don’t require you to know how to swim, but you should still be careful and always be aware of your surroundings and how deep the water is. Remember to drink a lot of water during your workout. You may be exercising in the pool, but your body will get dehydrated as fast as if you would be exercising on land. Also, if possible, you should wear water shoes. They improve traction, allowing you to have better control when performing exercises and they also prevent you from slipping and falling. Here are 8 easy exercises for fat burning in the pool that anyone can perform.

Water Walking and Jogging

Water walking and jogging is no different than walking and jogging on land, but with the added water resistance. That water resistance makes these exercises more difficult in water than on land. A few minutes of water walking and jogging, and your legs will burn, which means that you are getting a really intense workout.


The plank is one of the best core strengthening exercises. It may not look like much, but holding a plank on land for more than say, a minute, is pretty difficult. Doing it in the water is easier than on land, because the water will support some of your weight. Here’s how you do a plank in the pool: while standing in the pool, grab one of those foam noodles and press it down with both hands until your body is on an incline. Try to hold that position for a couple of minutes while holding your head out of the water, of course.


Another great ab exercise that is normally done on land is the scissors. Here’s how to do it in the pool: put your back to the edge of the pool, while grabbing it with both arms. Lift your legs up and start doing scissor kicks in the water. Your abs and body fat will start to burn in no time.

Hanging Kicks

This exercise is similar to the scissors, but you are facing the side of the pool instead of putting your back on it. So grab the side of the pool while facing it or simply rest your elbows on it and start kicking your legs behind you. This exercise is great for your lower back and gluteal muscles.

Jumping Jacks

Doing jumping jacks in the pool is similar to doing them on land, but with the added water resistance. Start by crouching in the water until your shoulders are under water. Bring your legs together, your arms at your sides. Then, at the same time, raise your arms without bringing them out of the water while jumping and spreading your legs wide. Repeat that around ten times, and you should be getting a full body workout only from this exercise.


Biceps curls are probably the best exercise to work out your biceps muscle. However, in the pool you won’t be using a barbell or dumbbells. Make sure that you are at least chest-deep in the water, and extend your arms to you sides. With your palms open and facing your front, and your elbows tucked to your body, bend your arms at the elbow and curl your palms towards your shoulders. The water resistance should give your biceps a good workout, so you won’t have to use any weights for this exercise.

Chest Presses

Working out your chest muscles on land involves doing push ups or laying on your back and pushing a barbell or dumbbells. In the pool, you can simply use the water resistance to give your pectoral muscles a good workout. Stabilize your body by standing shoulder-deep in a lunge position. Open your palms and start pushing straight in front as if you were pushing a wall. Without changing position, retract your arms and push again. Doing this exercise a few times will get your chest and triceps burning.

Jump Squats

Pool Jump SquatsSimilar to regular squats, jump squats are performed in the pool by starting in a sitting position in waist-deep water, with your feet shoulder width apart. From that position, swing your arms up and jump out of the water as high as possible. The water resistance will make this exercise more efficient than if you did it on land, while allowing you to land more softly, putting less stress on your knees.

These are just eight of the exercises that can help you burn fat at the pool. The truth is that there are a countless number of exercises that can be performed using water resistance. You just need to find which exercises work best for you and start doing them. When doing exercises in the pool, always keep safety in mind, and, as with any type of exercise routine, know your limits.

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