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8 Easy Exercises for Burning Fat in the Pool

Exercises to Burn Fat in the Pool

Going to the pool is a great way to cool off during the summer, but you can get much more than just having fun from this activity. Pools are great for having a refreshing dip and swimming, but you should know that you can actually move your entire workout in the pool. Water is great for working out because it ... Read More »

7 Tummy Toning Exercises You Can Do in Bed

Tummy Toning Exercises for Bed

Nobody wants to have a flabby midsection, and the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to work out your core, especially your abdominal muscles. Strong abdominal muscles are very important because they allow you to have good posture, preventing lower back pains. You might be wondering how ab muscles help with back pain, and shouldn’t we work ... Read More »

10 Ways to Stay in Shape When Traveling

Ways to Stay in Shape When Traveling

Traveling can be a pretty broad term. It can be the thirty minutes to two hours you spend on your daily commute to work (Read: 8 Ways to Exercise in the Car during Your Daily Commute) . It can be the business trips you take whenever your company needs you in a different city or country for work-related purposes. Or, ... Read More »

8 Ways to Exercise in the Car during Your Daily Commute

Car Exercises for Your Daily Commute

The busyness of life can certainly take a toll on an individual’s body in many different forms. Lack of sleep, stress and worry, too much coffee – all of these things result from a lifestyle of hustle and bustle. Weight gain is yet another symptom of a busy life that many people have a hard time controlling. You may find ... Read More »

7 Core Exercises You Can Perform at Your Desk

Core Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

The daily grind. Everyone deals with it, and for a lot of people it takes up a significant portion of their day. After working all day in an office, coming home to workout is probably the last thing on your mind. You want to relax, sip a beer, play with your kids, spend time with friends – fun stuff like ... Read More »

Exercises for Older Women to Keep That Pesky Weight Off

Exercises for Older Women

In the event you’re a woman over 50, you’ve likely recognized it’s difficult to keep a flat belly. Whether you affectionately refer to your own paunch as the middle aged spread, a flat tire, or a cuter version of your husband’s beer gut, it’s difficult to deny that maintaining a lean waistline is hard after a particular age. The hormonal ... Read More »

Best Workout Exercises to Take Care of Problematic Love Handles

Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles

They’re called cutesy names like muffin tops and love handles, but let’s face it nobody enjoys the roll of flab that pops out on the waist band of the jeans and ruins the tight-fitting line of fitness clothing, clingy sweaters, and customized shirts. Love handles are one of the very top reasons people exercise and employ a personal trainer. It’s ... Read More »