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The Disappointing Truth Behind the Feeding Tube Diet

Feeding Tube DietThe alleged “feeding tube” diet has received a whole lot of consideration recently when the New York Times published an article that described in detail this severe weight-loss strategy.

Formally called the “K-E diet,” and initially created in Italy and now being offered in a Florida-based clinic, this $1,500 plan restricts someone’s daily consumption to an 800-calorie liquid nutritional supplement delivered via a K-E tube, inserted via the nose and going down into the belly. Dieters can drink water, unsweetened tea or black coffee, but no other food or drink is permitted throughout the 10-day treatment interval. The brochure claims that “most individuals [lose] about one percent of their weight in just ten days, provided that you follow the plan entirely.”

We really could expound on the physiological risks of following this extremely low-calorie diet outside a supervised medical setting. We may also elaborate on the futility of embarking on any weight-management strategy that doesn’t contain readily accessible kinds of nourishment (food!) and exercise. But these very valid points have been belabored previously in other articles on the site.

To Put Things Another Way

Rather, we want to know your comments on another weightloss technique we are in the complete process of developing. To begin, we will be providing you with a magic wand. Provided that you hold the magic wand throughout the day, you’ll not have any interest in foods, and you’ll not experience physical hunger or some desire to consume. This magic wand will cost $1,500, and it’ll melt your fat away. To ensure you acquire some nourishment, we will likewise provide you with an 800-calorie protein shake, tell you to slowly sip it during the day, but instruct that you not ingest any calories whatsoever. Can you believe in the ability of our own magic wand?

You know what? Our magic wand – if it actually worked as promised – would do the same exact job as the K-E tube. The fine print of the K-E (feeding tube) diet says the plan is only going to work if the only generator of nourishment is the 800-calorie supplement.

Why the Diet is Lying

The Best MedicineWell, newsflash people! It’s the extreme calorie reduction – not the contents of the nutritional supplement, using a K-E tube, or the physician’s visits – that triggers the drop on the scale (which is largely water that’ll return just as regular eating is resumed). The reality remains that the feeding tube doesn’t have more power when compared to a magic wand to assist you override the powerful psychological and physiological drives to consume meals. Quite simply, I’d suggest this strategy is relying heavily in the ability of the placebo effect.

Once more, we’re left with the sobering truth that losing weight necessitates some work. The great news is the fact that the job is do-able and gets you actual effects. Eat less, exercise more, get enough rest, manage your anxiety, and use your support system. No feeding tubes or magic wands are ever needed!

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