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Dieting or Exercise – Which is the Better Weight Loss Strategy?

Diet vs. WorkoutSo is dieting or exercise better for eliminating belly-fat? Well, you actually want both, and here’s why: Losing fat (all types of fat, not only the belly fat that covers your lower abs) demands an energy deficit. At the conclusion of the day, you will need your own body to comprehend that it did not consume enough calories to cover your daily efforts, compelling it to make use of its energy savings account (stored fat). The higher this deficit, the more weight you will definitely lose.

Dieting and working out can both assist you to create an energy deficit and lose weight, but I am assuming you do not just want what works, you want what functions best. What provides you with the largest return for your time you commit?

A Word on Leptin and Ghrelin

You’ll find many hormones that effect fat loss, however for the interest of brevity we are going to concentrate on two: leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is really a hormone released by your fat cells that tells you to consume less and burn more calories. Researchers have called leptin a “fat reduction thermostat.” The more effective leptin is in the body, the more fat you’re likely to burn. Significantly reducing calories reduces leptin release and its own capability to signal the brain, thus making weight-loss harder and ultimately slower. This forces you to continue consuming fewer and fewer calories to really get exactly the same weight-loss results.

Why Just Reducing Calories Doesn’t Work

If reducing calories is the only weight loss technique you’re using, you’ll have to keep your calories down for a really long time to ensure you do not add the weight back. Lots of folks justify this, telling themselves “it’s worthwhile and I will merely adjust to eating less.” Unfortunately, studies show that you really do not adjust to eating less and that despite a year of calorie restriction, one of the hunger hormones, grehlin, will be as high as ever, making you as hungry as the first day you started on your slender body plan.

If cutting calories yields such negative changes in fat reduction hormones, why do not we just forget cutting calories and hit the gym to burn belly-fat? (Read: 5 Fat-Burning Exercises That Will Produce Excellent Abs)

Why Just Exercising Doesn’t Work

Medical benefits of regular exercise are too many to count. However, as those who have lost lots of weight can attest, burning off your additional flab in the gym is really a lengthy and arduous process. And in case you’re not using a modestly calorie-restricted diet to aid your efforts, it is even harder. This really is mainly because consuming extra calories requires no time whatsoever, while burning off those calories may take over one hour, depending upon your preferred style of exercise. There simply is not enough time within the afternoon! Furthermore, several studies demonstrate that exercise (especially aerobics) alone doesn’t cause major and long-term weight reduction.

What Works the Best

What Works BestA blend of diet and exercise works best for weight reduction. Why? Because best weight reduction is not just about making an energy deficit. Optimal weight-loss is all about creating an energy shortage and optimizing your weight-loss hormones, which will allow for continual and permanent weight-loss.

An ideal weight-loss strategy calls for you to really lessen your calories enough that you start to slim down but not too harshly that you disturb your fat-reduction hormonal harmony. After that, include exercise to aid your diet-induced calorie deficit (Read: Best Belly-Blasting Products to Add to Your Diet). This makes an even bigger deficit while manipulating hormones that enable faster fat loss. This is actually the easiest method to eliminate stomach fat.

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