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Eat Your Way to Flat Abs with These 13 Foods

Eat Your Way to Flat Abs

Having a flat abdomen is something that most people, men or women, strive for. Your clothes will fit better, you will look better, and, most of all, you will feel better, because having flat abs means that you are healthy. There is much misinformation surrounding losing fat, especially around your midsection. For many years, most people believed that the only ... Read More »

Top 25 Foods That Help Burn Belly Fat

Foods That Help Burn Belly Fat

Exercising and supplements are great for building muscle and getting in to shape, but what’s the point if that layer of fat is hiding all of the results? Burning off excess belly fat is very important, whether you want to tone your body or you just want to be healthy. Working out is important, but eating right is just as ... Read More »

The Disappointing Truth Behind the Feeding Tube Diet

Truth About Feeding Tube Diet

The alleged “feeding tube” diet has received a whole lot of consideration recently when the New York Times published an article that described in detail this severe weight-loss strategy. Formally called the “K-E diet,” and initially created in Italy and now being offered in a Florida-based clinic, this $1,500 plan restricts someone’s daily consumption to an 800-calorie liquid nutritional supplement ... Read More »

Advantages and Drawbacks of the HCG Diet Plan

Pros and Cons of HCG Diet

Right now you’ve likely heard about it: the HCG Diet, an extreme diet which requires injections of HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin). HCG is the hormone women make when they’re pregnant. Previously, the HCG Diet was defined by a 500-calorie diet paired with daily injections of HCG. This diet is connected with dramatic weight reduction, which can be up to pound ... Read More »

Best Belly-Blasting Products to Add to Your Diet

Belly-Blasting Products for Diet

The trim, toned, sexy tummy of your dreams isn’t that far from reach – and we’ve got the strategies to combat your belly bulge. We’ve recognized scientific methods to shrink the human body’s fat cells, tighten your core, destroy your hunger, detoxify your gastrointestinal tract, and much more. These quick, straightforward belly blasters will allow you to look and feel ... Read More »

Improve Your Grocery List With These Fat-Blasting Foods

Foods to Blast Belly Fat

There are a wide variety of workouts that target your abs to assist you have the rock-hard abdomen you have always imagined. But should you really wish to double-team your abdomen bulge, you will certainly have to remove sugar and processed carbohydrates while additionally including fat-burning foods in your current diet plan. It is all about removing the bad and ... Read More »

A Look at the Flat Belly Diet and the Benefits of MUFAs

The Flat Belly Diet

Mono-unsaturated fatty acids, or MUFAs, aim for and blast abdomen fat while encouraging fullness and stopping overeating. These plant-based fats are found in foods like nuts, seeds, chocolate, avocados, and olive oil. The Flat Belly Diet, which is the focus of this article, requires a precisely measured serving at each meal and snack. Unlike saturated fats, which harden and clog ... Read More »