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The Case for Using Stretch Mark Solutions During Pregnancy

Pregnant MotherI recall as a kid seeing my mom’s stretch-marks for the very first time. I innocently asked her what these scraggy white marks were on her abdomen. She told me they were her presents from me and my brothers (or something to that effect). Wow some presents, I thought.

As amazing as pregnancy is, it is difficult to watch your abdomen become crisscrossed with mad-looking lines. What exactly can we do? We seek the finest stretch mark creams, that wonder serum to invert the topographical map creeping across our mid-sections. No such perfect serum actually exists, I am sad to convey. But there are close options, and that still has not prevented me from trying every cream and lotion in the marketplace during every one of my four pregnancies.

A Case of Genetics

Now, science tells us that many girls can get stretch-marks during the nine months they are forming a child. Whether these marks are big or little, many or few, dark purple or dim white, that depends upon a girl’s genetics as well as the logistics of her maternity. If a pregnant mother can gain weight gradually and regularly and drink loads of water, her skin is better able to contend with the pressure of accelerated growth. If your mama has stretch-marks, and her mama before her, you may very well not escape entirely. Even the finest stretch mark cream cannot trump genetics.

However, great stretch mark lotions can do several things to assist. Keeping skin hydrated using an excellent lotion can decrease itching and keep the skin more elastic. Healthy, hydrated skin is more apt to return to its pre-pregnancy shape and reduce stretch mark scars following the infant’s arrival.

Finding the Right Cream

I have tried tons of stretch mark lotions and I have been quite blessed to escape with a small amount of stretch marks despite carrying a nine-and-a-half pound infant for nine months. I am guessing a good deal of that is a result of my genetics, but I understand my favorite tummy goo contributed to that incessant abdomen itching.

Almost everybody swears by cocoa butter lotions while pregnant. Not me. So far as I am concerned, the very best lotions for stretch-marks are those which have collagen and vitamins A and D, which are found naturally within skin. These types of cream feel so comforting on my stretched abdomen.

Some Great Options

Stretch Mark CreamsI consider it “food” for my skin because it expands, and I actually believe it has helped cure the stretch-marks that inevitably seem. After every one of my infants, the marks have faded to little, white lines which are hardly visible. One option is any of the products from Organically Hatched, which has many different all-natural belly creams. DreamBelly is also another great company, and their DreamBelly Stretch Mark Cream does wonders. So shop around and try a few to see which works best for you! (Read: Prevent Stretch Marks in a Natural Way With DreamBelly Products).

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