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The Best Lotions to Treat Itchy Skin and Stretch Marks

Itchy SkinYour skin is astonishing. While pregnant, it has the capability to extend and adjust to your changing shape. Taking care of your own skin throughout pregnancy not only helps keep it moisturized, it enables you to remain more comfortable. We have discovered several belly lotions which will take the itch from all that stretch and help with the presence of stretch marks.

Is the extending stomach stressing you out? Dry, itchy skin in your expanding abdomen could make these last couple of months of pregnancy quite uncomfortable. Moisturizing may be the secret to feeling your best and overcoming the itch.

What’s Up With Itchy Skin?

You might wonder why skin feels itchy and so terribly dry while pregnant. As your own skin stretches to suit your growing infant the tightness may cause distress and itchy skin. Hormones could even be to blame, though the itching should subside once you give birth. In instances of intense itching accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, exhaustion, or light-colored bowel movements talk with your doctor to rule out anything significant.

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees has a broad variety of amazing skincare items including one called Mama Bee Belly Butter (Amazon). The extra thick, natural formula is created using a blend of cocoa, shea, and jojoba butters to soothe and soften your stomach as you wait for your small package to arrive.


A small business in Canada called Babybellies has an awesome cream that is gaining a massive following. Belly Envy Belly Cream ( is formulated with rich, organic shea, cocoa, and mango butters along with other natural ingredients and pregnancy-safe essential oils. Belly Envy is really great, so great in fact that most fanatics do not mind paying the transport costs from Canada to receive their fix.

Mama Mio

Mama Mio items always get a loyal following and their Tummy Butter ( is no exception. Their formula is really creamy and it almost melts into the skin. Mama Mio pregnancy skincare products include super elevated amounts of Omega-3, 6, and 9 to assist you in attempting to win the fight against stretch-marks.


Palmer’s cocoa butter products are famous for their astonishing moisturizing power, and their Tummy Butter ( is no exception. It features a strong blend of collagen and elastin, plus sweet almond oil and argan oil. With the inclusion of lavender, Tummy Butter may be the perfect relaxing night time treatment.

In Conclusion

Belly LotionYou can slather on all of the belly lotion you need, but it’s still true that you might be unable to to prevent the dreaded stretchmarks. Some of the variables that lead to stretch marks include family history and just gaining or losing lots of weight. Keeping your abdomen, hips, and sides well-moisturized can help, and should you do get stretch-marks start treating them immediately as a way to minimize their look. Remedies range from glycolic acids and retinols to lasers (Read: Why Lasers are An Effective Option for Stretchmark Removal).

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