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The Very Best Belly Creams To Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks

PregnancyI am about 24 weeks pregnant and it actually shows! I really like my new belly. It’s becoming a little tight and uncomfortable, however. The tight and itchy skin isn’t too bad, but the pregnancy characteristic I am really not looking forward to is stretch-marks. So far, so great – none have popped up – however, I do have another three-and-a-halfish months to go!

The Genetics of Stretch Marks

I understand it is genetic, and given that I had some when I acquired the “Freshman 15” back in my college days, I am sort of anticipating to develop a few war scars from being pregnant. I’ve read that between 75-90% of girls get stretch marks while pregnant. It’s likely only an issue of time for me. Meanwhile, there isn’t any damage in doing what I can to attempt to avoid them! Moisturizing is crucial to help with the itch and the tightness, and hopefully it’ll assist in preventing some of these pesky striae gravidarum (the technical term). And since doctors actually recommend moisturizing for stretchmarks, I think there’s a pretty good chance it will work.

The Best Morning Cream

I have already been using several belly lotions, but my go-to cream for morning use is Fairhaven Health’s Dream Belly Stretch Mark Cream. I am not kidding – I use this every day. The main reason I enjoy it for my morning lotion is that it is actually water-based, therefore it absorbs very fast and does not make any oily marks on my clothing. It does not leave my hands feeling oily, either (I really do not like this feeling and generally feel I need to wash my hands soon after applying creams. Not with this!). It has an extremely light citrus aroma from organic orange extract – nothing overly perfumey or powerful, which is also nice.

All Natural Relief

This cream, such as the other items from Fairhaven Health that I’ve attempted, is formulated with organic elements. I really like that every ingredient has a goal (not just fillers or compounds to enhance sense or whatever) and that I could study them and learn the reason why they’ve been added. I generally perform a breakdown of the components in products such as this, but Fairhaven Health did a fantastic job with this on the item page on their website – simply click the “Ingredients” tab to read uncomplicated advice regarding what is inside it and why.

Other Stretch Mark Options

Best Stretch Mark CreamsThe verdict is not in yet on whether I will get stretch-marks or not, but for the time being I have discovered that I have extremely mild itching from the tight skin on my stomach, and if I actually do begin to detect it again later in the day, a light application of the Dream Belly cream soothes that immediately (Read: The Case for Using Stretch Mark Solutions During Pregnancy).

The small massage in applying the lotion is fairly nice, also. It sometimes begins a little dance party in my tummy! And for the record, stretch-marks can happen on bellies, bums, breasts and thighs – everywhere we grow while pregnant – so my approach is to utilize the lotion as an overall moisturizer wherever I might want it!

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