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Prevent Stretch Marks in a Natural Way With DreamBelly Products

DreamBelly Prevents Stretch Marks

For a lot of women, stretch marks are a reminder of maternity which is not welcome. As it turns out, the hormonal changes and accelerated weight gain that are a regular process of pregnancy are a deadly combination in regards to healthy skin, and that’s why so many females see stretch marks pop up during, and stay long after, pregnancy. ... Read More »

The Best Lotions to Treat Itchy Skin and Stretch Marks

Lotion for Itchy Skin and Stretch Marks

Your skin is astonishing. While pregnant, it has the capability to extend and adjust to your changing shape. Taking care of your own skin throughout pregnancy not only helps keep it moisturized, it enables you to remain more comfortable. We have discovered several belly lotions which will take the itch from all that stretch and help with the presence of ... Read More »

The Very Best Belly Creams To Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Creams for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

I am about 24 weeks pregnant and it actually shows! I really like my new belly. It’s becoming a little tight and uncomfortable, however. The tight and itchy skin isn’t too bad, but the pregnancy characteristic I am really not looking forward to is stretch-marks. So far, so great – none have popped up – however, I do have another ... Read More »

The Case for Using Stretch Mark Solutions During Pregnancy

Stretch Mark Creams for Pregnancy

I recall as a kid seeing my mom’s stretch-marks for the very first time. I innocently asked her what these scraggy white marks were on her abdomen. She told me they were her presents from me and my brothers (or something to that effect). Wow some presents, I thought. As amazing as pregnancy is, it is difficult to watch your ... Read More »