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Learn About the Different Factors That Cause Stretch Marks

Causes of Stretch MarksStretchmarks, also called striae, are scars that appear on several different parts of the skin, predominantly on the belly, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, lower back and even on your calves. They start off appearing red and purple in look and later fade to a somewhat off-coloured hue similar to your own skin complexion, but nonetheless still noticeable upon closer review. For many, stretch marks could be awkward and ugly, but luckily many such situations may be averted.

Belly creams and lotions are the most common way to treat stretchmarks (Read: Prevent Stretch Marks in a Natural Way with DreamBelly Products). But what if you could stop stretchmarks before they even happen? Knowing how they are caused is a good way to stay ahead in your prevention steps. Below are some of the most common ways stretchmarks happen to different kinds of people.

Rapid Weight Gain

Among the most typical reasons for stretch-marks for most people is fast weight gain or obesity. Any place in an individual’s body where fat is kept is probably going to be affected by stretch-marks. The dimensions as well as the quantity of stretch-marks that appear depend on the extent of an individual’s weight gain. The more fat that’s gained in a brief time period, the more serious the stretch-marks will be (Read: Reasons Why Men Should be Concerned with Their Belly Fat).

Growth Spurts

Some adolescents might be alarmed to discover stretch marks around their body, particularly when they’re not heavy or have not suffered from fast weight gain at any given time in their lives. The usual explanation for the presence of these stretchmarks is from rapid growth spurts, particularly during puberty. Much like rapid weight gain and obesity, any time your body grows or expands faster than the elasticity of your skin can manage, stretch-marks can appear.

Weight Lifting

Lifting weights and people who begin putting on more muscle at a fast speed, such as athletes, may expect to see stretchmarks on their bodies, even though they’re in great condition. That is why stretch-marks can’t be used to determine a weight issue or obesity, simply because they’re able to happen to folks who are in top shape. The muscles underneath the skin are merely growing too quickly for your skin to manage. People whom are influenced by stretchmarks because of muscle-building often see scarring chiefly across the arms and shoulders.


Pregnancy is most likely the prevailing source of stretch marks in many females. Because a woman’s stomach is growing at such a fast pace while pregnant, it’s highly likely that she’ll develop stretch-marks around her belly. Multiple pregnancies may result in the development of new stretchmarks after every pregnancy (Read: The Very Best Belly Creams to Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks).

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal ImbalanceHormonal imbalances are labeled as truly one of the most typical reasons for stretchmarks. Because hormonal changes happen during puberty, pregnancy, obesity, and even weightlifting, it is difficult to pinpoint which specific factor is at fault for the appearance of stretchmarks. The hormonal imbalance that happens during these instances may cause collagen and elastin fibers to rip over stretched skin, producing the appearance of stretchmarks.

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